Our company specialises in a range of IT service streams. Whether you need a website, are looking to outsource your IT helpdesk or want to see how cloud computing can work for your business, System Specialists has a solution to suit your technology requirements.  

General IT consulting

  • Helpdesk solutions – customised to your business needs and budget requirements.
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions – back up of critical business data securely to the cloud or local storage with no fuss and retrievable at any time. 
  • Hardware/software procurement – expert advice on the procurement of hardware/software and competitive quotations through wholesale pricing.
  • Network configuration, maintenance and security –  reliable, fast, secure and cost efficient connectivity across all aspects of your business.

Managed cloud services

We provide traditional IT solutions through capitalising on cloud computing technology. This allows us to provide our services to your business in the form of an operational expense rather than a capital expense, making budgeting easier and creating efficiency. System Specialists offers integration to many Australian public and private clouds.  

Utilising the cloud helps businesses scale to meet processor demands without the need to purchase expensive infrastructure.

Anywhere for Revit

Our unique cloud service for Revit allows you to work on a central file with any team member anywhere. Integrate your regional and overseas offices quickly and easily without any cost on extra IT infrastructure. As long as they have a stable internet connection then integrate today!

Database administration and reporting

System Specialists can help your business streamline and create efficiency through automating manual processes. We are highly specialised in SQL. Some automation examples include:

  • payroll linked to staff creation in active directory
  • centralisation of business contacts and syncing between multiple locations
  • extraction of data to create financial reporting.

Website and application development

Is your website looking dated and in need of a revamp? Or perhaps you have no online presence at all?
Are your staff manually inputting data and wasting precious time?

We can help by providing website and custom application development. Automation is the key to optimising productivity and allowing your staff to do more important tasks. Your ideas can be made a reality with our specialised engineers listening to every need.